BellMinder is the worlds most advanced BellTimer - it is used and trusted by hundreds of schools around the world everyday.

Wireless Bell Extender

Use our wireless bell extender to add bells that are in hard to access or expensive locations to install into. You can add as many wireless bell extenders as you like - simply pair the extender to the transmitter and a new bell is added. The wireless bell extender can power the bell or trigger an existing bell - simple and reliable. Its like no other wireless extender , it has smart logic built into it to ensure the bells turn on and off when required and with certainty.

Wireless Bell Kit

Want to add a bell and would like to be able to do it yourself - buy one of our wireless bell kits and get a proven solution that is plug and play - Kit comes complete with a BellMinder Controller, a Wireless Extender transmitter. Simply select as many bells as you required and we will ship the bells and the wireless extender receivers for each simple as 123 !